This blog is  quite evidently about books, reading and anything literary; my passion for reading was ignited as a child, when my mum would put me to bed after reading stories to me and my brother and we would beg her for one more story after one more story. As I grew older and I could read properly for myself I refused to put books down; anytime anyone saw me a book wasn’t far away. I would read in bed, I would read in the bath, I would lock myself in the library and read on my school lunch break, I would even read when I was supposed to be doing anything apart from reading and I suppose that this is what has prompted the creation of this blog – to share my love of books. There is nothing more satisfying than switching off from this world and submerging yourself within fictitious world’s and living the lives of others with them as you read.

More importantly, my name is Jade and I am an English Literature student at the University of Liverpool, which has probably just intensified my love of reading. I love the classics (I am slowly wading my way through them), I read a lot by women writers (feminist) and I can’t get enough of memoirs.  For more: Who? What? Where? Why? and When? – Who am I?



  1. I read in bed, too : ) It’s a book lover thing.

  2. Love your blog, keep reading and writing!! 🙂

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